Enough Toxins Already!

Toxins in Our Water

Our water supplies have been polluted for decades, causing harm to the eco-system and all species of life. Even with strong regulations and active clean-up processes, it may be impossible to undo all the damage that’s been done.


Toxins in Our Air

Industrial progress comes with big by-products, including millions of pounds of poisons in the air we breathe. Some cities on our planet are so polluted that citizens must wear masks just to go for a walk outside!

Toxins in our Homes

Who would knowingly bring home store-bought products for cleaning or consumption that contain poisons and cancer-causing chemicals? We’ve depended on the government to keep us safe from industrial recklessness. But have they?

Toxins in Our Bodies

Have you ever thought about the connection between the increase of disease and illness in our populations around the world, and the amount of toxic products we use to clean and beautify our bodies? Maybe it’s time you did.

Toxic Brew: A Documentary by Marketplace

on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Network

Many childhood illnesses are rising at a very worrisome rate. Respiratory illness is now the leading cause of admission to hospitals for children. Childhood asthma has jumped by 400 percent over the last 20 years. Learning problems like ADD are on the rise. After injuries, cancer is now the leading cause of death in children between the ages of 5 and 9. Incredibly, most of the 80,000 chemicals in common use today have never been checked for harmful effects to our children’s immature brains and immune systems.

We seem to be a society obsessed with cleanliness. We want our whites whiter and our bathrooms and kitchens hospital-grade disinfected. Industry has answered: today’s cleaning products promise faster, easier, and better results with no scrubbing. But is our clean-freak streak harming our kids? In this video, we ask several experts, including a toxicologist, a senior researcher, a prominent pediatrician, an indoor air quality specialist, and an expert on chemical hazardous information. You’ll be shocked at what they tell us.

Let’s Get Back to Mother Nature

Mother Nature has always provided for us, even though we sometimes struggle to demonstrate our appreciation. In fact, in our march towards modernization, some serious damage has been done. Some would say it may even be too late. But what would happen if just one company stepped up to manufacture and market products for our homes, our environments, and our bodies with no harsh chemicals, no toxic chemicals and no hidden agendas?

Well one has! The company we’ve partnered with has been leading the world in highly concentrated natural products for our homes and our wellness for the past 31 years. By creating products that are highly concentrated, they have saved millions of pounds of plastic, millions of gallons of gasoline, and reduced millions of pounds of green-house gases. They are doing their part. Are you ready to do yours?

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