Our spirit is the innermost part of our being, consisting of the conscience, heart, beliefs and feelings. The capacity for reason and wisdom come from our conscience; the ability to love and forgive from our heart; our beliefs allow us to have faith and trust in someone or something; and our feelings encompass everything from sadness to euphoria. The overall condition (health) of our spirit impacts our soul and body significantly; to the degree of driving our emotions, thoughts, attitudes, decisions, and ultimately our behavior. Problems here cause symptoms elsewhere; anxiety and fears, negative thoughts, the wrong kind of pride, and poor choices. Although these symptoms are painfully obvious, their causes are not. However, purposing to have a goal of a healthy spirit is a great place to start.

Take some time everyday; 15 to 30 minutes to relax and meditate. Find a place of solitude and beauty. Listen to some soothing music. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Don’t focus on yourself and your troubles; allow the thoughts of your heart to move beyond the physical and the mental realms. Contemplate life, love, faith, belief and God. Think about good things; the beauty of nature, the wonder of birth, the blessedness of special people. Learn to be thankful for all that you have. In the same way that we feed our body (with good nutrition) every day, it is important to feed our spirit. Here are several resources that I believe will help. Have a healthy spirit, and enjoy it for a very long time!