Our soul is the part of us that resides between the flesh and the spirit. It consists of our mind, will, emotions, and attitudes. Besides being the center of thoughts and logic, our mind is responsible for unconscious body functions; our will is the final step in making choices and decisions; our emotions are expressions of our deeply-seated feelings; and our attitudes are expressions of our beliefs. Interestingly, our soul feeds our spirit and significantly impacts our behavior, as well as receives input from both the spirit and body. In other words, an unhealthy soul inhibits spiritual health, and is responsible for poor or even malicious behavior. Although the symptoms of a unwell soul are agonizing clear, their causes are not as obvious. Sometimes we need professional help. However, purposing to have a goal of a healthy soul is a great place to start.

The soul is a lot like the body; poor nourishment results in chronic conditions like poor judgment, excessive stress, and even mental illness. It needs good food just like the body does. Too often, we feed our mind with negative thoughts: killing games, horror films, books and music with a theme of death and destruction, musings of getting revenge on someone who cut us off in traffic, and so on. In addition, emotions of worry, anger, depression, and confusion may be tormentors resulting from believing lies or refusing to forgive someone who hurt us. Purpose to reduce or completely avoid negative input, and feed your soul with good music, clean and fun entertainment, wholesome relationships, and truth.

Here are a few excellent resources we’ve reviewed. Keep in mind that every small improvement you make to your soul is a good one, and small changes add up. Have a healthy soul, and enjoy it for a very long time!


National Institute of Mental Health

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