Have you noticed there just aren’t too many words that will grab our attention as quickly as the words “rich,” “free,” or “sex?” In fact, almost any written, audible, visual or physical reference or hint of sex grabs our attention so fast we can walk right into a closed door, choke on our salad, step in front of a taxi or ride our bike into a tree. Sex, or an associated distraction related to sex, can be very dangerous my friends!

And frankly, to a large degree, it’s not our fault! Our human DNA and genetic programming are responsible for our drive to seek and secure reproduction, and thus preserve our species. One can find many scientific studies supporting this, in both humans and the animal kingdom. One of my favorite books, Mean Genes, From Sex to Money to Food; Taming Our Primal Instincts, is a fabulous introduction to “why we want – and do – so many of the things that are bad (or at least dangerous) for us.” There’s even an entire section entitled “Constant Cravings,” explaining why we make poor choices, and what we can do to knock that off. You can grab a copy on Amazon by clicking here.

But dangers aside, sex is good for our health. That’s right my young padawans, you heard me correctly. Here’s a link to an article from WorldLifeExpectancy.com, telling us that “According to recent studies frequent orgasms, at least 100 per year, can increase life expectancy by 3 to 8 years.” So let’s see, a little math here… 100 / 3.14159 x 7 days… carry the 4… subtract 52… OK, so around two orgasms per week (not three orgasms per day like I told some friends when I first read the article) can add 3 to 8 years to your life! And I don’t think that’s already factored in to our current longevity at 78.8 years (we’re number 37th in the world). Of course it might be for those french folks, considering that France is kicking our collective butt at 82.0 years (and number 14th in the world), and we all know what the French do with their free time! Here’s a link if you want to see who’s at the top of the longevity list.

Now I don’t know if you get very excited when a catalog comes in the mail or not. I usually don’t. But just last week the catalog of Dr. Schulze’s, Original Clinical Formulae showed up. You can find him on the web here. On the cover is the picture above, with the text: Summer Sex Issue, “Ignite your passion, restore your libido, and have more FUN!” I’m going to guess their sales doubled or even tripled in just a day or two after customers started getting that catalog. Right inside the cover are the words: MORE SEX = MORE HEALTH, and near the end of his introductory message he says: “Like I said, it is a medically PROVEN, a well-documented medical FACT, that the more SEX you have, the healthier you become.” That’s dandy good news, wouldn’t you say?

I’m sure that right about now you can probably think of something else to do besides read the rest of this post. So let me just wrap up with the following 10 Facts Prove SEX is HEALTHY:

  1. Relieves Stress. FACT: Those who have more sex have healthier responses to stress
  2. Lowers Blood Sugar. FACT: Frequent sex lowers blood pressure
  3. Improves Cardio Health. FACT: Sex twice a week improves heart health and reduces fatal heart attacks
  4. Boost Immunity. FACT: Regular sex produces higher levels of immune fluids preventing infections.
  5. Reduces Prostate Cancer. FACT: Frequent ejaculations lower prostrate cancer risk in men over 50.
  6. Burns Calories. FACT: Sex burns up to 400 calories an hour (moaning burns 20 more).
  7. Relieves Pain. FACT: Orgasm releases oxytocin relieving pain from headaches to arthritis.
  8. Boosts Self-Esteem. FACT: Studies prove sex makes you “feel good about yourself” raising self-esteem.
  9. Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles. FACT: For women, this reduces incontinence later in life.
  10. Helps You Sleep. FACT: The hormone ocytocin also promotes restful sleep. Getting more sleep takes you  right back to the top of this list because it relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.

Holy mysteries of the universe, Batman! Have we finally discovered the Fountain of Youth? Oui?

And so my fellow Americans, let me just say this one thing: If you want to get healthier, feel better, live longer, have more energy, be more active, take less drugs, and so on, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. Get busy!

To your health and mine,

Dr. Hank