By now you have discovered that the first three arenas of wellness are all about YOU, the all inclusive and complete YOU. The body, soul and spirit YOU. Although the last five arenas of wellness are certainly still about you, they are external to YOU, outside of YOU. Your environment is about where you live, work, play, visit, learn, and relax. How can your environment contribute to your overall wellness? Simple.

The world is a really big place. There are crowded, polluted, dangerous places to live, and there are spacious, pristine, and safe places to live. You can work in a stressful, demanding and unsatisfying environment, or you can work in a peaceful, comfortable and purposeful place. The same goes for where you play, visit, learn and relax. Life is about choices, and although you might occasionally be convinced otherwise, you always have a choice.

Speaking of choices, depending on your age, up bringing, and education, you may or may not have any idea about how to do your part in caring for the only place we all have to live – the Earth. Environmental wellness includes working towards living in harmony with the Earth by understanding the impact of your interaction with nature and your own personal environment. If all of us contributed to minimizing the negative impact of our behavior on the environment, our environment would be a safer, more beautiful place to live. For example, we can:

  • Be aware of the earth’s natural resources and their respective limits
  • Live a life accountable to environmental needs, both in the present and for the long-term
  • Realize the effects of our daily habits on the world around us
  • Learn to recycle
  • Maximizing personal harmony with the earth, while minimizing harm to it
  • Begin practicing “going green”
  • Walk or ride a bike more often
  • Volunteer time to worthy causes
  • Stop or reduce wasting food, water, energy, chemicals, and
  • Be a good example to others

Keep in mind that every small improvement you make to your environment is a good one, and small changes will always add up. If all of us do just a little to improve our environment, the world becomes a better place for everyone. To learn more about the toxins in our environment and what to do about them, click here.